Public Library Quality Improvement Matrix

The Public Library Quality Improvement Matrix (PLQIM) is a quality assurance tool developed by SLIC for Scottish public libraries.

It is designed to recognise the requirements of the public library service and its role in supporting other areas of policy. PLQIM also forms part of How Good is our Culture and Sport, which local authorities use to monitor and assess the performance of cultural services.

The PLQIM framework succeeds the public library standards developed with COSLA which were focused upon inputs rather than the impact of the service. PLQIM is focused upon the effect that library services have upon the individuals and communities they serve.

PLQIM is also compatible with the European Framework for Quality Management, used widely within local authorities.

This section of the website stores information about all PLQIM funded initiatives and offers access to resources designed to assist with implementing PLQIM.

  • Tools

    Materials designed to support the implementation of PLQIM.

  • Awards

    Details of awards made from 2006/07 to the present round.

  • Reports

    Final reports from PLQIM peer review visits.