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Literacy Action Plan progress report published

More than 400,000 children and their parents have benefitted from a £4 million investment to develop literacy over the past three years according to a new report published on Wednesday 12 September.

The progress report on the Scottish Government’s Literacy Action Plan shows schemes aimed at encouraging and improving reading and writing, such as PlayTalkRead and the Bookbug scheme, has reached children in their early years and their parents across Scotland since the plan was launched in October 2010. 

Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland’s Languages Dr Alasdair Allan said: “Funding for the early years aims to create a lasting legacy in improving literacy. Programmes being delivered include £1.65 million investment in the PlayTalkRead campaign, £1.5 million invested each year for the next three years to support learning for looked after children and £450,000 to extend the reach of the Bookbug initiative.

“Our work to improve literacy stretches far beyond the early years. Our pupil’s performance in exams remains strong and we aim to improve this further still. Literacy is a central part of Curriculum for Excellence and is now the responsibility of all teachers. We have also been developing partnerships and a range of support for adults to increase their knowledge and skills.

 “We will continue to build on this work to help people of all ages in Scotland develop their literacy which is so vital to making Scotland successful, progressive and inclusive. We want to work together to help people to improve their skills well beyond basic levels and thrive in modern life.”

The report recognises the key role of libraries in improving literacy, mentioning the broad range of services and events offered by libraries. 

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