The Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC) has created a number of online information services, both for librarians and for library users. Links to these services are shown in the box to the right.

SLIC is also a membership organisation, providing a range of professional services to subscribing institutions. To date SLIC’s successes have come from its focus on an enabling role to lead strategic activity to improve and develop service provision and support to our members.

We will continue to work pro-actively with and on behalf of members to support, maintain and improve library service provision in Scotland. Our advocacy and lobbying is of even greater importance at times of fiscal pressure.  For every £1 our members pay, we have been able to attract a further direct financial contribution of £3 for the sector and indirect benefit of time and resources of approx £2.

SLIC membership offers:

  • Representation of members’ views to Scottish Ministers and the Scottish Government;
  • Representation and negotiation on key UK and European issues which influence the effective; delivery of library and information services. E.g licensing, copyright, skills and the digital agenda;
  • Inclusion of members’ views on policy issues raised in Scottish Government consultations;
  • Strategic and other partnership work with key agencies in Scotland, UK and Europe such as COSLA, Audit Scotland, CIPFA, Scottish cultural agencies, Learning and Teaching Scotland, HMIe, Universities Scotland, Scottish Funding Council;
  • Continuing commitment to recommend and update appropriate quality and other service standards and to work with members to achieve objectives;
  • free or low cost training and networking events;
  • development of benchmarking and research base;
  • support for Information briefing meetings for our sectoral networks;
  • Support for Specific sectoral projects and priorities;
  • Support for the development of the Shared Services agenda through the National Entitlement Card, Scotland’s Information, Ask Scotland and procurement through JISC Collections;
  • An opportunity to make an annual application to the SLIC Innovation and Development Fund for members, with grants of up to £10,000 and for public libraries access to PLQIM Funding;
  • Consultancy, assistance and advice up to 2 days without additional charge;
  • Two free places per institution at a SLIC hosted annual Service Innovation Showcase to promote significant developments across the sectors;
  • A hosted area on SLAINTE website with support tools, news and events;